Choosing Between an Outdoor Fireplace or a Fire Pit

An outdoor fireplace and a fire pit both can bring warmth and relaxation to your home’s backyard. Before deciding which one is perfect for your home, there are a few differences between the two that you should know about.

Choosing Between an Outdoor Fireplace or a Fire Pit

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is literally a fireplace outside. Just like an indoor fireplace, it consists of a firebox and a chimney that the smoke goes out of going in one direction. This also makes it less likely to produce flying embers that can burn you or a guest. An outdoor fireplace is usually built or added on a concrete, stone or brick patio. The fireplace can block an outdoor view because to the height and mass of the structure. It will be the centerpiece of your patio. With the fireplace being enclosed, it would be easy to light even when it is windy outside. An outdoor fireplace creates a cozy, romantic atmosphere that is more enjoyable by a couple or a group of just a few people. The usual temperature of an outdoor fireplace is 180 degrees, which is cooler than a fire pit. You can either have a wood-burning or a gas outdoor fireplace.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a hole either dug in the ground or within a masonry structure, in which the fire is kept burning and is prevented from spreading. It creates a campfire environment and is most enjoyable with a group of people. It is great for sitting around to make some s’mores, tell each other stories and play an acoustic guitar if you are musically inclined.  A fire pit is low to the ground, so it will not block off the view as an outdoor fireplace will. That is why a fire pit is more popular with homes that come with spectacular views from their own yard. It can reach up to temperatures of 360 degrees, which is much hotter than a fireplace. A fire pit, however, is harder to light and maintain a burning fire in windy conditions while an outdoor fireplace has no problem with windy weather. A fire pit can also be wood-burning or use gas.

Knowing these differences will help you pick which one will be best for your home. If you need more help choosing which one is best for your home, then contact us and get the professional help that your home deserves. Want to include both in your backyard remodel? We can help with that as well!

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