4 Reasons Pergolas Are The Top Trend in Outdoor Living

Year after year, the internet bristles with lists of design trends. For outdoor living, they remain relatively consistent, including such items as lighting, shade, and quality. But one thing that isn’t included in many of these lists (and should be) is the addition of a pergola to your outdoor space. Read on to see why.

4 Reasons Pergolas Are The Top Trend in Outdoor Living

Pergolas provide a place to install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans make almost any list of outdoor trends, and we Texans know why. A good ceiling fan can keep an outdoor space comfortable even in the hottest parts of summer. Adding a pergola will give you a place to hang a fan and a reason to keep grilling all year round.

Pergolas provide the best of both worlds: Shade and sun

When the days get hot and long, a little shade goes a long way. A well-designed pergola can provide enough shade to keep you comfortable on a warm afternoon. But on those sunny winter days, a pergola will let the sun filter through, giving you a dose of Vitamin D to improve your health and your mood.

Pergolas provide additional protection for your home

While you sit back, sipping your sweet tea in the shade, your pergola is doing double duty. In the right spot, it can help shade and cool your home. With the right design, it can help protect your house from the wind and rain of those spring storms.

Pergolas define your outdoor room

Carve out a space for al fresco dining. Hang curtains. Set a settee. A pergola defines an outdoor room that can feel as cozy as any you have inside, but its open structure lets you enjoy the breeze, the flowers, or the aroma coming off that grill in the corner.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the trend that won’t ever go out of style. Contact Texas Outdoor Oasis today to experience the joys of outdoor living.

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