Is A Professional Landscape Design Better Than DIY?

With thousands of do-it-yourself options, when is it best to hire a professional?  This article will argue that landscaping is one of those areas.  Below we have fully examined the two main reasons why hiring a professional might be the right way to go.

Is A Professional Landscape Design Better Than DIY?

Reason # 1: Professionals Have Design Experience

Landscaping seems simple.  It’s just planted, right?  Digging a hole can’t be that hard, can it?  Well, it may seem easy, but landscaping is much more complicated than you would think.  Plants grow differently at different times of the year.  When they are planted can affect the life of the plants.  Climate is also something to consider.  Dry, wet, hot, cold, all seasons, or the same temperature all year?  Certain plants will only grow in some climates.  You may have your heart set on growing a beautiful cactus tree in your front yard, however, if you live in a wet climate, your plant won’t make it past a couple weeks. These are all things to consider.  An expert has this information at hand.

Reason # 2: How much will it cost really?

The do it yourself option is almost always motivated by price.  Everyone thinks that doing it yourself is cheaper.  However, the expense should include more than just the plants.  You will need the proper tools to create a cohesive design.  Those two things combined may cost more than you expected.  In addition, any mistakes in the design could be costly.  For example, if you dig deep in order to plant a tree and cut a power line or something worse, the complications could be catastrophic and very costly.

DIY or Do it yourself is incredibly trendy right now.  But, it’s important to consider all the facts.  The amount of time, effort and money it would take to do something on your own may not be worth it.  Consider hiring a professional for your landscaping needs.  Contact us today with any questions or to get started on your landscaping journey.

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