3 Reasons to Have Landscaping in the Dormant Season

It’s almost winter, but that doesn’t mean your landscaping can wait. Starting your spring cleaning while your property’s plants are still dormant is a great way to keep them healthy. Here’s how professional landscapers can help with your landscaping in the dormant season:

3 Reasons to Have Landscaping in the Dormant Season

1. Fruit trees need “dormant oil” before they wake up.

If your property has some fruit trees, they can be a lot of hard work. But they give you a great payout in flowers and attracting visitors to your business. So make sure you start your preparations early and schedule landscaping in February and March. Fruit trees need a bit of late winter pruning, and they also need oil to prevent mites and scale. Professional landscapers know which materials are right for each season.

2. When checking plants for damage, earlier is better.

Winter can be hard on all your plants. That includes your trees, your shrubs, and your flower beds. When the weather starts to turn, have your landscapers do a comprehensive survey of the trunks and branches. If there was heavy snow this winter, there is a risk that some of the plants have cracked branches. Younger wooden plants may also have sunscald. If your landscapers have the opportunity to start treating the damage before the plants wake up for spring, you can still have a beautiful spring.

3. Your soil needs to be prepared for grass.

Grass doesn’t always grow on its own. If your soil is usually supplemented by fertilizers, then it needs even more preparation at the end of winter. Talk to your landscapers about delayed fertilizers that can be added before the first growth. Landscapers can also clean out the soil from snow melting chemicals and rock salt.

An early start makes your home stand out once the spring season starts. Go to Texas Outdoor Oasis to schedule an inspection or schedule regular services.

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