Patio Covers and Other Design Ideas for a Narrow Patio

Is your patio so long and narrow that you sometimes feel like you’re about to board a plane?  A patio cover and some simple design ideas can help you to get more enjoyment out of your outdoor living. Here are 3 suggestions for working with a narrow space.

Patio Covers and Other Design Ideas for a Narrow Patio

Raise your sights with a patio cover:

Thinking vertically is one of the main strategies for opening up a narrow space. Focus on drawing the eyes up with a custom patio cover. A patio cover will also provide protection from the weather and keep you comfortable while you spend time outdoors. You may also want to think about installing overhead lights and selecting one or two tall objects, such as a shelving unit or a high rise plant.

Surround yourself with circles and angles:

Downplay the narrow rectangular shape by decorating with circles and angles. That might mean a round table and area rugs. Circular patterns count too, so keep that in mind when you are shopping for seat cushions and other accessories. Angles have a similar effect so that gives you another alternative. Plus, just arranging your furniture in the round or at an angle can make a patio seem wider.

Create separate zones:

You might be tempted to push your furniture together along the sides of your narrow patio, but that would just call more attention to the issue. What you need is to break up the space, especially if it’s both very narrow and very long. For instance, you could group some pieces to create an eating area on one end and a conversation area on the other. Plan ahead to be sure you are maintaining enough space for foot traffic, which can usually be done with a walkway on one side.

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