Protect Your Property Without Removing Your Trees

Sometimes trees don’t grow the way the original planters wanted. Trees can last hundreds of years, so it’s tricky to plant them far away enough from the home, nearby trees, and any potential or future structures. Planning ahead becomes even more difficult with larger roots systems and shifting soil. If your trees are getting too close for comfort but you don’t want to restrict them, give us a call!

Protect Your Property Without Removing Your Trees

Do you need to protect your home’s foundation?

One of the more serious problems with overgrown trees occurs when they were planted too close to a house. The root system fans outward over the decades. The roots can eventually grow through everything from rocky soil to concrete foundations. Once the roots start to butt up against the edges of a foundation, they can crack the concrete. This results in crumbling edges, widening splits, and even gaps in the soil that put pressure on the whole system. If the damage isn’t detected in time, the roots can even make their way into the pipes.

Have your trees and soil inspected. Professional tree care experts can analyze your trees’ root patterns and forecast future growth. They can also recommend the right foundation guards to divert your roots. Trees can continue to grow even with adjustments to the root system.

Is a tree trunk splitting?

Trees don’t always maintain a proper upward trajectory. Either through lop-sided pruning or just bad luck, tree trunks can split until they have a wide Y shape. Unless the trunk can fully support the split weight, the tree may start to slowly split and put its surrounding in danger. We can inspect the tree and recommend the right course of action. Oftentimes, the tree can be safely supported with wire and chains that restrict sideways growth.

Old trees that outgrew expectations can be dangerous if they’re left to grow uncontrolled. Call Texas Outdoor Oasis to protect your trees and your home.

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