3 Kid-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas

When creating a landscape design with children in mind, there are certain things that you may want to include. This make the landscape design not only fun for them, but it helps to make sure it is safe for them as well. Here are 3 kid-friendly landscape design ideas.

3 Kid-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas

In-Ground Trampoline

One awesome kid-friendly landscape idea is an in-ground trampoline. This gives your kids the fun experience of jumping on the trampoline, but makes it much safer for them. A large hole that is the same diameter and height of your trampoline will be dug into the ground and then your trampoline is carefully placed inside this space. The landscape design around this hole can include stone or brick work, rocks, or whatever else you’d like to make the space look aesthetically pleasing and finished.

Rubber Tire Mulch Playground Area

Another awesome feature to include in your kid-friendly landscape design is a playground area filled with rubber tire mulch. The playground itself can include a slide, swings, a rope bridge, a rock wall, or whatever you think your children will enjoy. The rubber tire mulch is perfect for ground cover because it is a recycled resource that is excellent for the environment and it provides a good amount of padding for children to play on. This is very important if they accidentally fall. You can then create a barrier between this area and the rest of your landscape using a cement divider, a metal divider, stones, etc.

Splash Pad

If you want to get really creative, you can incorporate a splash pad into your landscape design. Textured pavers or brushed concrete are excellent options for the actual pad because they are slip-resistant and safe for your children to run and play on. You can then have several sprayers installed that squirt water at different times and distances. This creates a lot of fun for your kids and allows them to play safely in the water.

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