6 Privacy Ideas to Create a Backyard Oasis

Our backyard should be our own oasis. But in the “urban jungle,” backyard privacy can be difficult to find. Here are 6 landscaping ideas that can improve the privacy in your yard and guarantee your own backyard oasis.

6 Privacy Ideas to Create a Backyard Oasis

1 – Screening Trees or Hedges

Screening trees or hedges are a natural option for creating backyard privacy. However, there are hundreds of different privacy plants that can be used so your options are endless. Your local greenhouse or tree nursery can help identify what plants will grow well in your area.

2 – Fences

A fence not only can make it more difficult for your neighbors to see inside your backyard, but it also has many other benefits, such as creating a boundary for your pets. You can hire a local company to build your fence or even build your own privacy fence. To be effective at creating privacy, a good fence must be at least 6 feet tall; any shorter and most people will be able to see right over it.

3 – Masonry Walls

Just like fences, masonry walls can be a great privacy option. However, masonry walls also make great retainer walls, which can be used to correct runoff drainage issues or simply add interest with landscaping.

4 – Water Feature

Water features, like freestanding or wall fountains, add privacy because the constantly moving water creates a lot of background noise. This “white noise” won’t distracts from your own activities but will make it hard for any of your neighbors to overhear you. And many consider the sound of moving water to be very relaxing.

5 – Privacy Curtains

Privacy curtains can not only be a great option to improve the privacy on your patio or deck but they are also becoming more popular as a home décor trend. Curtains can be ideal to soften some of the hardscape. But ensure that you use outdoor curtain fabric that won’t fade in the sun.

6 – Bamboo

Bamboo is a more natural solution to the privacy fence. When planted in an appropriate climate, Bamboo can grow very densely and at an impressive rate. But beware, bamboo can become invasive if not carefully controlled. Some homeowners may opt to grow bamboo in containers to help control bamboo’s natural ability to spread and take over its surrounding.

Hopefully, by including some of these landscaping ideas, you can not only improve the privacy of your backyard but also find that elusive backyard oasis. Contact us to find your own backyard oasis today.

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