3 Signs Nature Is Trying to Take Back Your Hardscapes

Large commercial hardscapes are built to last. Not only are they durable features, builders often add layers of materials underneath them to make the features last even longer. But sometimes nature tries to take back the hardscaping, especially if your property has a mix of soft and hard landscaping features. Here are 3 signs you need to call in professional maintenance:

3 Signs Nature Is Trying to Take Back Your Hardscapes

1. Grass is growing between the stones.

We’ve all seen grass grow in impossible locations like between the slabs of a major road or even between a building and the surrounding sidewalk. Grass can even find a way to wedge between the pavers or stones of your hardscaping features. Good builders insert industrial grade barriers between the features and the ground, but grass seeds can find purchase even on top of the stones and start to push down. Call in a professional maintenance team before the stones separate.

2. You notice cracks or tilts.

Over time, stone pathways and sitting areas made of pavers will start to settle just like a concrete foundation. Sometimes the stones will tilt apart from each other or settle at different heights. This can make your hardscape paths uncomfortable to walk on or hard for people in wheelchairs to use. Once you or your tenants see cracks or uneven stones, start repairs as soon as possible.

3. The features are near a pond.

Hardscaping features next to a pond are perfect for almost every property. Whether you have an office park or a multi-tenant property, everybody likes to sit or walk around a pond. But the combination demands constant maintenance. If you have any hardscaping near a water feature, plan on annual or semi-annual maintenance to keep everything in place.

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