Watering Your Lawn During Drought Restrictions

Green grass is one of the clearest signs of a well-maintained neighborhood, and common green areas fall under the responsibility of most neighborhoods’ homeowners’ associations. But if your region is in the middle of a drought, the grass can dry out and turn patchy in a matter of days. If your city also posts watering restrictions in response to the drought, it can be even harder to keep the neighborhood green.

When those drought restrictions come into place, the first thing you should do is call your landscaping company. Here are three things they can do to help:

Watering Your Lawn During Drought Restrictions

1. Install smart irrigation systems to stretch water further.

Older sprinkler systems won’t water grass effectively. Not only can they over- and under-water different sections of grass, a lot of water is wasted along the way. Arcs of water that shoot through the air lose a lot of water to evaporation. But drip irrigation systems keep the water close to the ground. They also ensure a more even spread of water gets to the grass.

Your landscaping team can also install smart irrigation systems, which waters the grass during the early morning or at dusk. They can also measure the soil to water the neighborhood green areas only when they need it.

2. Add landscaping elements to protect exposed grass.

When the sun beats down on unprotected grass, the grass loses water faster. Talk to your landscapers about adding hedges, trees, and bushes to protect the grass. Hardy, native plants also need less water so more can be saved for the remaining grass. Hardscaping elements like paths, benches, and gazebos also break up grassy areas and look great whether or not there’s a drought.

3. Replace needy grass species with hardier varieties.

If your neighborhood’s landscaping was initially handled by a national company, they might have installed the wrong types of grass. A local company can switch it out for native species that stay green even during a water shortage. Local varieties of grass are also less susceptible to disease, pests, and weather changes.

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