Use a Pergola to Create an Attractive BBQ Space

Having a dedicated BBQ space in your yard can be a fantastic feature to have during the summer since you’ll likely enjoy being able to cook outdoors in a space that is inviting. As you begin looking for ways to add shade and have a dedicated space for cooking outside, you’ll begin to notice how an installed pergola can be a fantastic fit.

Use a Pergola to Create an Attractive BBQ Space

Open Top Allows Smoke to Escape

Unlike some canopies that are entirely solid on top, pergolas have gaps in the top, helping to allow smoke escape. This can be an ideal feature to look for when you want the pergolas to be suitable for a BBQ space since it can be bad to continue breathing in smoke and fumes from the BBQ. Pergolas can still be solid enough to add shade, while still providing a way for some smoke to escape.

Keep the Pergola Suitable for the Yard

As you look into improving the way that your yard looks, you’ll begin to notice just how varied pergolas can be in design. By choosing a pergola that looks unique and still matches the exterior of your home and other features in your yard, you can ensure that the pergola is actually an enhancement for your yard.

Opportunity for Adding Landscaping

Pergolas, with their open lattice designs, can be ideal for incorporating landscaping into your yard with more foliage. Adding more foliage in the form of climbing vines and other plants that can grow alongside the pergola can add some greenery without the worry that it could be damaging the pergola in any way.

Making a space in your yard that you can enjoy barbequing with friends and family can be as simple as having a pergola installed. Contact us if any questions about picking out a pergola that will be well suited for your yard and will be a good fit for above a BBQ.

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