Partnering With An Expert for Large-Scale Landscaping

Beautiful landscape design can take the “wow” factor of a home to a new level. It is a big part of creating curb (and backyard!) appeal, boosting not only pride but also value for the homeowner. The vast majority of us are not horticulturalists and we do not have broad experience in landscape design. By partnering with a company that specializes in this area, a homeowner can get a beautiful, functional landscape that will thrive and evolve for years to come.

Partnering With An Expert for Large-Scale Landscaping

It Starts With Good Design

Thoughtful planning and design are the first steps in successful landscaping. The right plants must be chosen for the area. Broadly, this means the right plants for the USDA’s hardiness zone; here in North Texas we are zone 8. The hardiness zones are a great starting point, but a good landscape designer will understand the area in much greater detail. They’ll be aware of what bugs or fungi might be common to the area, and will therefore know which plants to avoid. Good landscaping design will also consider sun exposure, which is much more important than many homeowners understand. Topography is another big consideration. For example, well-drained soil is going to be necessary for some plants. Others will do best in soil that stays damp. Places that tend to really hold water must be carefully considered. Sometimes rocks or even a deck platform will be the best solution for such a space.

Landscaping can also be enhanced with decorative gravel and other stonework. Crushed granite makes a beautiful base for an outdoor seating area, keeping the space free of mud, but still retaining a natural look and feel. Larger decorative gravel is not only attractive, it is also often a functional solution for areas that collect rain water, or locations with steep slopes prone to erosion. Larger boulders can be effective, beautiful statement pieces when thoughtfully placed. Flagstone and other pavers can be used to create specific looks and they serve valuable purposes in the yard, including functioning as attractive stepping stones.

Having a sprinkler system designed to support large-scale landscaping is going to ensure the success of the plantings and can save the homeowner substantial money. For example, today’s drip systems are designed to use minimal water, reducing run-off. Specific sprinkler heads are made to cover large areas of sod and can be strategically placed to ensure optimal coverage. Advances in the computerized operating sprinkler systems we see today mean a system can be programmed to water at just the right time and to cancel scheduled watering when rainfall has been adequate for the plantings. Newer systems even offer other advanced features such as automatically adjusting watering tied to the outdoor ambient temperature.

Lighting, too, can have an incredible impact in landscape design. Beyond the safety and functional benefits of illumination, it can really enhance the beauty of an area. For example, up lights in flowerbeds can transform the look of the home at night. Moonlighting in trees can create a nighttime ambiance like no other. Pathway lighting adds charm and interest. And, a spotlight can highlight a tree or piece of art beautifully.

Quality Products and Quality Work

Having the right design in hand is the first step in successful landscaping, but the actual installation of the design elements is just as important. In most cases, soil prepping can make the difference between success and failure. Especially here in the North Texas region, average soil lacks nutrients needed to foster the right growing environment for many plants.

A successful landscaper will have vetted their suppliers. They’ll know where to go for quality plants. They’ll have researched the planting warranties the suppliers offer and will then be able to offer you fair warranties that make sense. The successful landscaper will have suppliers for a variety of rock and other natural materials. They will have established relationships with arborists, nurseries and other suppliers of the staples of landscaping.

An Educated Homeowner Makes the Difference

Having a completed landscape design in place should not be the end of the landscaping process. The homeowner must be educated so as to maintain the environment. (Unless you’re lucky enough to be able to retain the ongoing services of a horticulturalist or gardener.) For example, with all the technological advances in sprinkler technology, the systems of today are not as simple to operate as they once were. The homeowner will want to be fully knowledgeable of the functioning of his sprinkler system, this includes knowing how to program it, including programming it for a variety of seasons. He should understand the operations of the system such that he can disable it should a leak occur and he can tweak it as the landscaping becomes established and as it matures over the years.

The educated homeowner should also have access to the actual design that shows the specific plants and trees installed. There may come times when a specific plant needs to be replaced. Or, there may be a situation where the homeowner wants to elaborate on what was already done. He should be able to quickly identify what was originally planted in an area in order to be able to make his decisions on replacement or enhancement.

It Is Worth the Investment

Having a professionally designed and installed landscape can provide years of enjoyment. Thoughtfully planned and placed trees, shrubs, flowers and rocks can transform a space. Partnering with experts in landscape design safeguards the homeowner’s investment and provides for a design that is not only functional but also beautiful.

Texas Outdoor Oasis is a trusted, experienced landscaper serving the greater DFW area. We’ve been making outdoor spaces beautiful for nearly a decade. Partnering with us, you can be guaranteed spectacular, thoughtful designs, installed by professionals using the best products available. Once the job is complete, we make sure the homeowner can successfully maintain his landscaping for years to come. Give us a call today to discuss your landscaping project!

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