Which Type of Outdoor Fireplace is Right for You?

Even when the temperature drops, staying outdoors is an option with an outdoor fireplace. They also offer homeowners a comfy and warm space to entertain guests. Here are some models you can choose from for your own outdoor space:

Which Type of Outdoor Fireplace is Right for You?

Brick or Stone Fireplaces

Brick and stone fireplaces offer a rustic look and blend well with any outdoor environment, like a concrete patio, or can be made to match the exterior of your home. They also retain heat and are sturdy enough to withstand corrosion. The most popular varieties are standalone types.

Metal and Steel Fireplaces

These are usually portable, which means you can wheel or carry them anywhere. For example, you can place a small metal fire pit in the middle of your backyard and have your guests sit around it. If you want to add a more modern look, go for steel fireplaces that come with 360° viewing screens. While they are inexpensive, portable fireplaces can tip and may pose a fire hazard if placed on organic material, like a lawn, or on a slope.  They also do not add to the value of a home like built-in fireplaces.

Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace works like your typical kitchen stove. Flip a switch or valve and you have a roaring fire. This model is a good option for you if you don’t like to waste time starting a fire. It also burns cleaner since it doesn’t use wood. While a gas fireplace lacks the authenticity of a wood fire, it is still a great option for homeowners who want an outdoor fireplace without the cleanup.

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