Add Value to Your Home‎ With Custom Stonework

The permanency, strength and natural beauty of masonry makes it perfect for large projects like pool walkways, retaining walls, driveways and patios. But it’s also a great choice for smaller, more intimate spaces that aren’t built with visitors in mind, but intended only for you. They’re often fenced or walled off from the rest of the property and accessed from a glass patio door inside a specific room.

Add Value to Your Home‎ With Custom Stonework

The Outdoor Garden

It might contain vegetables or herbs or even dwarf fruit trees. Masonry construction makes it visually interesting and more accessible by using stone step gardens to layer and organize the vegetation. It also helps to control runoff and conceal automatic watering systems. Not only do you have a living painting to look at while in the kitchen, you can slide open the door and pick garden-fresh ingredients for the next meal.

The Meditation Nook

You can be natural or fanciful in your choice of stone, but the floor should be relatively smooth so yoga mats and meditation cushions are on level footing. Beyond that, it’s up to you. A waterfall, a small fish pond, a discretely hidden sound system, scented flowers, perhaps an interesting rock display as a focus point. Paradise right outside your bedroom.

The colors, textures and shapes available when it comes to choosing the type of stone products for your project are too numerous to mention. Our designers and masons will help you make the right choices for your project.

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